Headquartered in Greater Seattle, Red Sky is a premier global consulting firm providing process management and sales enablement services to enterprises that sell through channel partners.

We help clients optimize and scale their channel partner operations with cost-effective program execution, analytical expertise, and GTM support services.

Our team manages over 15,000 channel partners and operates market development funds that drive $1B in channel revenue.

Noland Angara
Chief Operating Officer
Sharon Davison, Ph.D.
Chief Executive Officer
Grant Stalley
Director of Program Execution
Shomik Ghosh
Senior Manager - Marketing Operations
Kelli Vaz
Senior Customer Success Manager
Patrick Haberkamp
Senior Manager - Marketing Operations
Matt Karren
Senior Analyst - Marketing Operations
Matt Kalkoske
Senior Analyst - Marketing Operations
Ryan Charbonneau
Senior Analyst - Marketing Operations
Nathan Cant
Senior Specialist - Marketing Operations
Geoff Tripp
Senior Operations Analyst
Linda Charge
Senior Manager - Marketing Operations
Afsar Shaikh
Manager - Finance Operations
Sandip Singla
Manager - Process Excellence
Yogesh Hirve
Manager - Business Process Management

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