Identified 8 Business Critical UX Needs



How do you get a company to fix customer satisfaction and performance issues when there are multiple stakeholders? First, you must identify what is already known but not necessarily communicated broadly. Second, you must plan how to gather information that is needed to identify problem areas. Then third you execute or make the changes to improve the top issues.

Red Sky conducted twelve digital interviews with key stakeholders at a Global Travel company, across the marketing, sales, IT, e-commerce, quality assurance and executive team. We discovered these key issues:

  • How do you streamline the booking process for the Company’s mobile app?
  • What blocker’s to booking did customer’s experience?
  • How can industry best practices be incorporated into the design of the Company’s App easily?
  • How could the company prioritize usability issues they had in their backlog?
  • What was needed to help with internal and external team communications across departments?



To better recognize the Company’s needs, Red Sky held one-on-one interviews with twelve key stakeholders representing different roles and departments. The goal was to obtain essential information about what was already known about the organization’s processes and were the problem areas were from. The requirements gathering gave us a starting point for where our efforts needed to be focused.  




Red Sky understood the team’s needs and proceeded to synthesize the critical findings and identify:

  • The most significant opportunities for improvement and how to further enhance the user experience.
  • 8 critical priorities to be addressed by the company that had become a barrier to customer satisfaction and execution of critical tasks.
  • The fixed constraints, such as the budget and the priority of issues.
  • The friction points along the Company’s user journeys.
  • Overlapping issues across processes that were experienced by different internal departments.

The next steps included performing a Customer Journey Workshop and further identifying the in-depth processes that need immediate attention. Followed by a dairy study with the company’s customers.  The results helped the Company improve its internal and external customer satisfaction. Plus, enabled them to prioritize critical fixes that needed to be implemented.

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