Leveraging Data to Increase Sales and Improve Customer Experience



A Leading International Real Estate Company and franchise, with over 150,000 associates worldwide, needed a solution to keeping ahead of market trends in the real estate space.

  • First, the Company wanted to determine and predict recruiting needs based on customers’ buying signals. This is critical to further growing their business, because a larger brokerage agency will lead to more listings, thus, increasing sales.
  • Moreover, the international real estate Company also had an inclination for targeting specific sellers and markets to seek out people who wished to list their residences. This data can help the Company’s agents make more informed decisions.
  • Lastly, the Company wanted to ensure that their agents are well-trained and up to the Leading Real Estate Company’s standard for all global offices. Adequate training is not only critical for smooth business operations, but it is also a vital investment into the company’s branding and the advanced development of the agents to improve productivity.



Red Sky proposed to help the International Real Estate Company find their customers efficiently through machine learning – by enabling marketers and sellers to tune into the signals that customers send prior to buying. These signals will be processed into actionable insights for the company to keep ahead of the real estate market trends.

  • Red Sky proposed a specific Hiring App to enable the Company’s Real Estate offices to target prime areas for growth. Using technological models that decodes data for intent, context and events, we collected customer buying signals and predictors to demonstrate the market trends.
  • Red sky proposed a Sales App to predict when people are going to sell. Through identifying different selling personas and their predictors, Red Sky assisted the Company in targeting their specific types of clients.
  • Red Sky proposed Training App to enhance training presentations, especially given that the Company is disbursed with so many offices all over the world. This App was built on industry-leading technology that incorporates productivity assistance, benefiting the entire office.


  • The Hiring App successfully notified the Company when certain neighborhoods had increases in sales, listings, and other activities. Through the App, the Company ultimately had a better buying experience through utilizing the App’s actionable insights and getting ahead of the hiring curve.
  • The Sales App helped the Company successfully target their marketing. The App’s predictors for specific personal types also helped the Company’s offices direct their attention to recruiting those specific sellers. By having the data necessary to understand the likely sellers in the real estate market, the App allowed the agents to directly market and manage their activities to specific audiences.
  • The Training App was built on a highly functional operating system that delivers enhanced training, uniform across all of the Company’s offices. This enabled the company to hire and retain qualified employees.

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