Building a Partner Learning Management System that Resulted in $13.2M in Savings



A Leading Multinational Technology Company’s commercial licensing group within the company needed to:

  • Ensure that licensing solution providers are up to date on software licensing programs so that they can advise and guide their customers when purchasing software products and services.
  • Deliver timely software licensing training at scale and to a global audience of partners and Microsoft sellers to coincide with the launch of new software licensing.

The client needed a scalable, cost-effective method to train global licensing solution providers and sellers on a variety of constantly evolving software licensing topics.



Red Sky approached this challenge and conducted the following:



Red Sky’s approach resulted in:

  • Enabled to save $1.2M YoY in live training deliveries since the launch of system in 2009.
  • 14,000 partners received licensing certifications in 2020.

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