Effective Marketing Execution Resulted in 250% Growth in One Year



A Fortune 50 client needed a service provider to deliver a first-in-kind marketing initiative to its customers, partners, and sales representatives.  The initiative was designed in an attempt to determine if investment in customers who are modernizing their cloud services would be driven to update their hardware.  The client faced significant challenges in this approach:

  • Customer cloud service data is not readily available to client sales teams.
  • No existing process to issue one time rebate payments to customers who take advantage of the incentive.
  • Pricing programs not available to drive an upfront, or discount, incentive



Red Sky created an all-in-one solution to manage a complex backend process including the following:

  • Verify customer eligibility for the program
  • Create and manage a public site for client partners and customers to access program marketing materials
  • Manage the backend process including:
    • Applications to create claim codes and verify codes when submitted to match to eligible customers
    • Review and process rebate claims from customers and partners
    • Create internal payment requests allowing customers and partners to receive the rebate directly from client
  • Issue management service to respond to internal and external program requests
  • Real-time program feedback allowing the client to adapt quickly with changes to increase field and customer engagement



The first two years of engagement have grown program engagement (measured in allocated budget) from 25% to 120%. Account engagement is up over 40% year over year and the client is on track for 250% growth in the current fiscal year!

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