Business Process Investment (BPI) Reduced
$1.5 Million in Annual Costs



A top-gaming console manufacturer in the technology sector needed assistance in tackling a capacity issue with their over-burdened user support call center. While the internal team wrestled the call queues down by, the center remained significantly over budget.

After interviewing the team on their tangle of issues in the discovery process, Red Sky discovered that:

  • Support calls exceeded design durations.
  • Support representatives unequipped with sufficient knowledge-based
  • The calls’ outcomes were failing to meet the company’s performance objectives (KPI’s)
  • The desired levels of follow-up on support tickets were over-index.

By separating the cause from effect, Red Sky focused on the most critical issues that would effectively change our client team’s results. 




Discovery Mode:

Red Sky approached the challenge through deep-diving into the Business Intelligence (BI) data with ticket profiles and identified patterns. The multifaceted approach also included the performance of internal focus groups and user testing and the creation of high-fidelity prototypes to test better. 

The discovery process provided complete visibility into the center of the company’s causality, eliminated assumptions, and allowed rapid modeling for the implementation mode.

Through the isolation and categorization of the ticket profiles that worked against the client’s business model, Red Sky’s unique view into the customer support process enabled the client to rely on actual customer data throughout the process of cost evaluation. 

Implementation Mode:

Once the client had chosen one of the high-fidelity prototypes that mapped Red Sky’s taxonomy and support instance types, the implementation of data-driven views begins. To better provide a visual model for the client’s resource planning process, Red Sky used real-time and predictive support operations that focused on both the pre-existing KPT’s and the BPI process itself. 

Finally, Red Sky presented the company with adaptive training material and templates to expand the knowledge base with new support instances from prior documented and new categories.



Red Sky’s early involvement in the process had helped bring about the highest possible ROI for the client’s BPI investment. Over 18 months following the BPI project, the client was able to significantly reduce the call center’s direct operating costs and negate the damaging impact of other related metrics such as customer satisfaction.

Red Sky helped reduced the costs of all call centers by $1.5 million annually while simultaneously lifting key performance metrics across our client’s support business, thus successfully laying the foundations for the client to continue honing their operations on their own.


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