Free Virtual Learn Event E-learning Learn how e-Learning will continue to transform education & how businesses can leverage this to evolve.


E-learning has been around for decades but is gaining a significant increase in traction in the past year.  

It’s not just children who will be forced to pivot to e-learning for the long term, businesses will also need to adapt to support ongoing education essential to employee growth. What will this landscape look like and how can you stay up to date to ensure your business can continue to thrive in this new environment 

Join us to learn from experts with decades of experience in technology and e-learning to understand more:  

  • What is eLearning?  
  • Is eLearning effective? Can one really learn without the classroom setup? 
  • Challenges faced by corporates to adopt eLearning.  
  • What would your learning be like with/without eLearning in your company? 
  • How has eLearning evolved overtime in the corporate world? 


Speakers Include:  



An entrepreneur, Sangeeta is an accomplished leader in senior managerial roles at leading software and technology companies in India, Canada and the US. She is a graduate of Delhi and Pune Universities in India in Mathemetics and Computer Science and has ane extensive background in e-learning, education technology and enterprise software systems. Sangeeta is passionate about STEM Education and teaches kids computer programming and mathematics.  



Sabina has over 21 years experience in technology and education. In the last 12 years, she’s been in volved with building Ed Tech solutions catering to the rural and semiurban regions in India. She had her own startup from 2012-2019 that was focused on game-based learning solutions that could be integrated into formal learning at schools, colleges and corporate institutions. She is currently working as as Senior Product Manager at Amazon. Her work involves building technology enabled learning solutions for Amazon’s worldwide customer service associates.


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    Mar 24 2021


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    Sharon Davison, Ph.D. Chief Executive Officer, Red Sky

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