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The Potential of Digital Transformation In Marketing: 3 Steps to Get Started

Technology will always remain an important aspect of running a modern business. Therefore, leaders of all industry sectors continue to embrace digital transformation to stay competitive.   When it comes to marketing, digital transformation has a significant edge when it has more accurate metrics, better connectivity combined with interactions, and whole new marketing opportunities. The […]

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How Business Analytics Can Help Your Business Cut Costs: 5 Ways 

In 2020, each internet user generated around 1.7 megabytes per second, and about 2.45 quintillion bytes per day (1). With such a growing amount of data, businesses need to embrace business analytics capabilities now, more than ever. The use of analytics not only streamlines operations and improves processes but protects businesses against fraud, reduces costs, […]

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Action Items – Following Up & Not Forgotten 

How to Ensure Action Items Stay on Track and on the Radar A meeting is frequently held and concluded with all the attendees going back to their projects and routines without much thought. The action items discussed often become forgotten. This can be problematic, especially when the sole purpose of meetings is to make decisions and take actions based on those decisions. Therefore, we need to make […]

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Team-building in A Remote Environment

Creating Chemistry During COVID-19 Employee engagement and workplace satisfaction should be top of mind for all managers and decision-makers, especially as we navigate the challenges of this pandemic. Employees who are happy with their work and their environment will be more engaged, more efficient, and much less likely to seek alternate employment. In recent years, […]

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Time Management Tips

We all struggle with utilizing our time appropriately. By incorporating effective time management skills, you can become more efficient and realize these benefits: Opening up bandwidth to take on additional workloads and increasing your value to your employer Freeing up more time for activities outside of work Limiting your risk of forgetting action items, which […]

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Ensuring Employee Success in Adapting to Organizational Change as a Manager 

We see an increasing trend across industries making “organizational changes.” Managers and decision-makers regularly look at reshuffling responsibilities or roles as the most effective way to maximize their employees’ skills. While these changes often lead to time and cost-saving benefits down the road, change can also confuse employees. This unease can decrease employees’ productivity in […]

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