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The Importance of Mentorship

Before we move into 2021 and begin setting various work-related goals, it’s essential to analyze the gaps in the organization’s current working model and leverage the incredible growth tool – mentorship.  Business mentoring is the relationship between an experienced person (mentor) and a working staff (mentee). It can be used at all stages in the […]

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4 Ways AI Can Help with Marketing & Channel Partner Sales 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is reshaping the marketing spectrum, creating better business opportunities, and facilitating seamless channel partners’ strategies. With manufacturers looking for a range of selling channels for their products, AI automates and streamlines the time-consuming and complex processes associated with channel partners’ sales.  According to McKinsey research, machine learning in sales and marketing gives […]

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Understanding Market Development Funds: From Basics to Benefits!

Marketing Development Funds offer a massive opportunity for businesses and partners. However, many miss the opportunities to leverage these marketing funds because they lack the knowledge on how to use MDF effectively. With the right assistance, you can help drive growth for your business significantly.  But first, let’s understand the basics. What are Market Development […]

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The Potential of Digital Transformation In Marketing: 3 Steps to Get Started

Technology will always remain an important aspect of running a modern business. Therefore, leaders of all industry sectors continue to embrace digital transformation to stay competitive.   When it comes to marketing, digital transformation has a significant edge when it has more accurate metrics, better connectivity combined with interactions, and whole new marketing opportunities. The […]

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How Business Analytics Can Help Your Business Cut Costs: 5 Ways 

In 2020, each internet user generated around 1.7 megabytes per second, and about 2.45 quintillion bytes per day (1). With such a growing amount of data, businesses need to embrace business analytics capabilities now, more than ever. The use of analytics not only streamlines operations and improves processes but protects businesses against fraud, reduces costs, […]

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