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How Important is Positive Leadership?

Who would you prefer to work with? An optimist that values your ideas or a pessimist who only finds fault? Pretty easy question to answer, right? Unfortunately, many people in leadership roles are anything but positive. Positive leadership is critical for a healthy organization. A bad manager can poison the work environment and lead to […]

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We Celebrate Women’s History Month

March was designated as National Women’s History month by the U.S. Congress 35 years ago, but American women have long fought for equal footing throughout the nation’s history. The United States is and has been full of trailblazers in the fight for equality from Abigail Adams imploring her husband to “remember the ladies” when envisioning […]

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What We’re Thankful For

With Thanksgiving around the corner, we thought we’d show a little gratitude. At Red Sky, relationships matter to us: our relationship with our clients, our relationship with our community, and our relationship with our team. Here are just some of the things that the Red Sky team is thankful for. Our flexible work schedules. Our […]

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